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Shine - Yuzu Citron Kombucha

Shine - Yuzu Citron Kombucha

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  • Keep refrigerated
  • Do not shake & open slowly
  • Vegan friendly

The unique blend of fresh yuzu extract from Jeju and Kombucha promotes mental clarity and elevates your mood naturally.


A refreshing health drink that offers the goodness of yuzu extract from Jeju. Known for its therapeutic properties, yuzu has been used to enhance beauty and wellness in East Asian countries for centuries. It's packed with vitamin C and limonene, a powerful antioxidant to boost up your immunity. It also has been shown to potentially prevent cognitive decline and optimize the health of your brain. The beneficial bacteria and antioxidants in kombucha keep your gut healthy and improve brain function. This natural beverage promotes liver function, helps flush out toxins, and provides essential vitamins and minerals. Add it to your routine for a much-needed daily dose of health.

Available in 300ml and 1L bottles.

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