1. Who is MyBoocha Kombucha?
Like many normal people, our founder Gillian had an addiction to carbonated syrups but she wanted to find a healthier alternative to satisfy her cravings. So she searched for something just as satiating without the crazy calories but came up empty. That's when she started brewing her own kombucha and now we're making it available to everyone, helping them take steps to a healthier lifestyle without ignoring their cravings.

2. Where are you based?
Our kombucha is brewed right here in Kuala Lumpur but we can deliver all over Klang Valley and Peninsular Malaysia.

3. Where can I find MyBoocha Kombucha?
Our kombucha can be purchased online and is available in retail stores across the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. To find a location near you, head to our Stockists page.

4. How can I become one of your retailers?
If you're interested to sell our kombucha in your store(s), just get in touch with us over Whatsapp at +6012-220 2110 or drop us an email at hello@myboocha.co and one of us will contact you as soon as we can!



1. How much is the delivery cost?
We charge a flat rate of RM10 for Klang Valley but if you spend above RM80 on a single order, it's free delivery! For Peninsular Malaysia, it's a flat rate of RM15 and free delivery for orders above RM150.

2. When will I receive my order?
Our delivery days for Klang Valley are every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and delivery times are all day from 11am-6pm, with the exception of Saturday (11am-3pm). Kindly select your preferred delivery date and time before you check out from your cart.

For other states in Peninsular Malaysia, we have deliveries going around the Peninsular once a week so it can take about  4-7 working days after your date of purchase for your delivery to arrive. It may take longer during the festive season due to an increase in our orders and deliveries.

3. What is your return policy?
Due to the sensitive nature of our kombucha, we can't accept returns. But if you experience an issue with your order, please drop us a text via Whatsapp at +6012-220 2110 or email us at hello@myboocha.co and one of our team members will get in touch with you.



1. What is kombucha?
Kombucha is fermented tea. Essentially, it's a mixture of sweet tea and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (known as a SCOBY). The tea ferments as the yeast and bacteria feed on the sugar, creating a probiotic drink beneficial for gut health.

These live probiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut for better digestion and energy, among many other healing benefits. Gut health is important because 75% of our immune system lives in the gut, so a compromised environment in the gut can affect many other systems in the body, like digestion, mood, energy levels, and even skin condition.

2. What is a SCOBY?
In your bottle of MyBoocha, you'll find floating strands of SCOBY - this is normal. SCOBY is an acronym for 'symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast'. All fermented foods like kefir, sourdough bread and yogurt have distinct SCOBY cultures, and whether you choose to consume them or not, these are the healthiest bits for your overall health.

3. How should I drink kombucha?
We recommend drinking kombucha as an ice-cold beverage to fully appreciate its flavors. Some drinkers might notice kombucha working on their gut right after they drink it, which is part of the natural detoxicifying or purging properties of this drink.

4. Why does taste vary slightly from batch to batch?
Many factors - including ambient temperature and sugar concentrations in the fruits and herbs - make each batch taste marginally different. Natural carbonation levels may also vary from batch to batch. But rest assured we're doing our best to mix and blend various kombucha teas to ensure even tastes across our range.

5. How to store kombucha?
As kombucha is a live drink, it is active and unpasteurized. If unrefrigerated, raw kombucha will continue to ferment in the bottle, creating more carbonation. In extreme cases, the resulting carbonation can even be explosive. So we always recommend cold storage to maintain taste, freshness and consistency.

Out of the fridge, a 300ml bottle of MyBoocha can last up to a day at room temperature, but must be cooled in the fridge before opening. Also, try not to shake your kombucha before opening it as that will activate the carbonation.

6. What is the recommended amount to drink?
You can start with 150ml and, according to tolerance, gradually increase the dose. The most important thing is to listen to your body.

6. When is the best time to drink kombucha?
According to research, it's recommended to consume in the morning on an empty stomach, but it's really up to individual bodies and personal preference. For example, if you have gastric issues, we would advise to have kombucha after a meal as it can be a little too acidic for your stomach. Personally, we at MyBoocha prefer to take it during or after a meal as we find it a little too strong to drink in the morning. 

8. What is the deposit at the bottom of the bottle?
Good news! Deposits at the bottom of the bottle is a sign of the health of your kombucha. It is the natural yeasts that have contributed to the production of the kombucha bubbles. It may have a peculiar taste, but brings many health benefits :)

8. What does kombucha taste like?
The first thing you'll notice is a fruity aroma, coupled with a vinegary smell from the fermentation process. It hits the tongue with a slight effervescence and a taste profile that's sweet and tangy. Akin to apple cider vinegar, kombuch has complex flavors that are refreshing and floral.

9. Does kombucha contain sugar?
Cane sugar is one of the ingredients of kombucha. Sugar acts as the food used by yeasts and bacteria to ferment. However, the final product only has a residual amount of sugar, which the bacteria have not been able to consume. On average, each 100ml serving of MyBoocha only contains 4.5g of sugar.

10. Does kombucha contain alcohol?
As with all fermented products, natural alcohol is generated as a byproduct during the kombucha brewing process. Our kombucha contains a very small amount: less than 1% alcohol.

11. Can vegans drink kombucha?
All of our products are vegan. They contain absolutely no animal ingredients.

12. Can pregnant women drink kombucha?
During pregnancy and lactation, specialists recommend consuming products that have been pasteurized to eliminate microbes (both good and bad) in food and drink. Also, kombucha has detoxifying properties which may not be suitable for mothers-to-be and breastfeeding mothers. If you would still like to try MyBoocha, we recommend consulting a specialist first.

13. What's the shelf life of MyBoocha?
Once you open a bottle, we recommend keeping it cold and consuming it within a maximum period of 10 days. It does not lose its health properties, but it can vary in taste and lose its fine bubbles.