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Build Your Own Pack (8 x 300ml)

Build Your Own Pack (8 x 300ml)

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  • Keep refrigerated
  • Do not shake & open slowly
  • Vegan friendly

Build your own 8-pack with your favorite flavors. Build it however you like it!

For the seasoned MyBoocha drinkers who know what they like and want, you can now build your own 8-pack. Comes in a pack of 8 x 300ml bottles, this pack contains your favorite MyBoocha flavors 'cos you curated it yourself!

It's customisable to your preference, whether you only like 1 flavor or you want a few different flavors, it's entirely up to you.

The flavor options are:

  • Vitality - Bentong Ginger & Lemon
  • Essential - Pineapple & Turmeric
  • Glow - Mango
  • Boost - Pink Grapefruit
  • Restore - Blueberries & Grapes
  • Recover - Passion Fruit & Turmeric
  • Activate - Mint & Spirulina
  • Shine - Yuzu Citron Kombucha
  • Thia's x MyBoocha - Wild Amla & Charcoal
  • Thia's x MyBoocha - Wild Amla & Earl Grey
  • Delima Biru - Pomegranate & Blue Pea (Raya Edition)
  • Harum Hijau - Apple & Calamansi (Raya Edition)

Each pack is thoughtfully packed into our customized carton box. If you'd like to send it as a gift, we can add in a handwritten note and no pricing information. Drop your personalized message in the box above.

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Every single flavour was so delicious! We all loved it!