From employee perks to strategic investment, here’re 7 reasons your office needs a kombucha tap.

  1. Boosted Energy
Nutritious beverages help maintain stable energy levels throughout the day, avoiding sugar-fueled crashes. Kombucha’s B-Vitamins, raw probiotics, and acetic/organic acids stimulate the release of specific enzymes in the body for better digestion and increased metabolism. This means boosted productivity and sharper focus on tasks.
  1. Enhanced Mental Alertness

Sipping on all-natural unpasteurised booch is an awesome source of polyphenols. These essential nutrients support brain function by returning energy and vitality to cells, promoting the growth of fresh neurons. A well-nourished brain is more alert and capable of handling complex tasks and solving problems efficiently.

  1. Improved Mood

Consuming nutrient-rich drinks can positively impact mood and overall well-being. This translates to fewer mood swings and teammates feeling happier and more contented at work and play. 

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Encouragement

Providing healthy snacks and drinks sends a message that the upper-ups care about its employees' well-being. It encourages healthier eating habits, which can extend beyond the workplace and lead to a healthier lifestyle overall.

  1. Reduced Sick Days

Kombucha’s antibiotics can help boost the immune system by introducing beneficial microorganisms to boost gut function. A more robust gut equals better nutrient absorption. This leads to fewer sick days and decreased disruptions in the workplace.

  1. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Offering a variety of healthy snacks and drinks shows that the company values its employees' needs and preferences. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and a more positive work environment.

  1. Retention and Attraction of Talent

In today's competitive job market, offering perks like healthy kombucha can make your company stand out. It can help attract top talent and retain existing employees, reducing turnover costs.

There are a ton of ways to protect the bottom line, but teammates that refuel and recharge healthily means deeper engagement and higher productivity!

Contact us to get your own kombucha tap today. MyBoocha offers 8 (and more!) delicious flavours for workspaces or corporate events that make hydration and healthy sipping more fun than you’ve ever known!

psst..we can even do customisation just for your company!

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